Testing My New iPhone

Just got an iPhone! And I now have the wordpress app… so now I’m just testing it out …

Catching Up

So i’m the worst at keeping up a blog. What’s happened since my last post? A LOT, especially considering that it is nearing a year. I’ve moved, worked, visited many very interesting churches, and started an internship . . . my year in a nutshell.

Spring/Summer Cleaning . . .

So being a Graphic Designer, Avid music lover, and all around Google obsessive, it’s safe to say my computer is put through a lot of downloads, high-resolution saves/edits, and random freeware downloads. And of course with all of that results in a full, overwhelmed, and annoyingly slow machine [even for the best MacBook Pro]. Of course I would like to assume that i’m not the only one in need of help of this magnitude. So below i’ve accumulated a few services/ideas that have done wonders for my computer’s speed & health.

1.fontbook-icon Fonts are one of my many weaknesses. Before I began cleaning my FontBook contained 2,151 + active fonts. But how often do i use all 2,151+ fonts . . . rarely. So open up your FontBook and start @ the beginning. Go down each font 1 by 1, keep active those you use often, and Disable those that are just rare novelty. And for pack-rats such as me . . . the disabled fonts are still there for whenever you may need them- however they are no longer slowing down programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, etc. I will warn going through your fonts does take patience, but now my font load is 1268 and is much better for programs.


onyx2. Onyx: While searching for a good “All-in-one” utility I found myself lucky enough to stumble upon Onyx. There is a simple download here. It has a very simple interface that makes it unintimidating even for the less than tech minded.





monolingual-icon3. Monolingual:  Apparently Macintosh Computers come with a plethora of language options, which is a wonderful option for the those who are “Multilingual”. BUT if you are like me and speak predominantly one language and only wish to understand more. Monolingual is a GREAT idea.  It’s a simple program that allows you to check & delete all 40+ languages you will NEVER use from your Mac! Being a bit of optimist I kept: English [all variations], Spanish [all variations, Tagalong [because it interests me]. Once you’ve checked all the unneeded languages  simply click remove and watch the progress bar clean out an unimaginable amount of data that was at one time clogging up your computer.




4. One of the most simple ways to open up extra space is to take a good long look at your Applications folder. Yes Apple tempts us way too much with daily downloads of Apps, Free Software, & Trials. So Trash: All the software trials that ended 5 months ago, the screen-saver software that makes the baby break-dance on your desktop, and yes even the application that counts the number of times you click your mouse/touch-screen per day. If you don’t need it or haven’t used it within the last 60 days . . . trash it.

[Evoke] Tutorials

After a few days of Worth1000, I realized that I had not perused the multitude of photoshop & design tutorials the internet has to offer. The first one i’ve played with was from TutorialMan.com. The featured tutorial titled “Mac OSX Leopard Logo Tutorial“. I was very impressed with the simplicity & steps to this tutorial. Although I can’t say that the product is exactly like the original Mac OSX Leopard Defalt Screen. But it does make a nice background. Of course I didn’t follow the tutorial completely; I made the image larger to have better display on my widescreen MacBook Pro, I got a little over-zealous with the stars . . . , I lowered the Outer Glow>Opacity to 41%, I decided to opt out of the “x” and instead substituted my [Evoke] name, & finally lightened the glare layer to 27%.

So with that said, here’s my end product.

Evoke OSX Leopard

The Longing

So I realized today just how long it’s been since i’ve sat down with the intent to photoshop. This seeming somewhere near sinful, i visited Worth1000 for inspiration. It was there i stumbled upon a recent contest titled “In the Clouds 5”. So after viewing a few of the past entries from similar contests an idea popped into my mind . . . and i ran with it. Below is the result, which i titled “The Longing”. It seems fairly explanatory to me; Very exaggerated reaching toward the clouds, in which has appeared a large hand [God]. If only my true longing for God could be so evident in my daily life.

The Longing

So i found this ball of cuteness today by chance. It is actually intended as a valentine’s gift for an ex. Apparently the penguin of death brings . . . death to the recipient’s new relationships. I’m not sure that i would ever waste the money on a gift for an ex . . . but i would be very tempted to purchase this not for an ex but maybe for a close friend or, who knows, maybe even myself. There is something about adding “of death” behind objects that are not inherently dangerous. For example: the Toaster of Death, The Rainbow of Death, and of course The Chinchilla of Death. 

If anyone is curious where they can adopt their own Penguin of Death. You can get it here  for $10.44.Penguin o' Death